Our Foundation Providers

Dr. Sergio Sotelo
Dr. Al Canon
Dr. Richard Reznick

Dr. Darah Sheahan

Optometrist (Pediatric)
Dr. Stephen Cohen

Dentist (Teens/Adults)
Dr. Phillip Hopper

Dentists (Pediatric)
Dr. Chaet
Julie Anfinson
Timothy R. Wilson

Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Jack Friedland
Dr. Edward Joganic

Steve Twist

Heather's Haven of Hope Update
It is painful to say, but domestic violence is a serious and often deadly situation many people face. With the current economy, domestic violence is on the rise. Funding for shelters and victim’s support is not being met. The purpose of our foundation is to assist victims and their children with much needed medical, dental, vision, legal and counseling services. We are an additional entity that supports our local shelters. Without your help families that leave their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs do not get the support they need. Please support Heather’s Haven of Hope and local shelters.

Upcoming Events
Heather Grossman will be the keynote speaker at the Arizona State Capitol for the 2012 National Victims Crime Week with Governor Jan Brewer, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and Maricopa Count Attorney Bill Montgomery.

Date: Monday, April 23, 2012
Arizona State Capitol, House Lawn
Time: 11:00am

Heather Grossman will be speaking at the Scottsdale Rotary the fall of 2012

Fundraising event for the fall 2012 – venue and date to be determined.